Salty Man Ejuice Nic Salt 30ml - 50mg


The saltiest man on earth was created by award-winning manufactures. Salty Man Vapor host twelve incredibly complex and flavorful ejuice profiles. For the first time ever, vapors can enjoy their favorite ejuices in both sub ohm and non sub ohm nicotine salt ecigarettes. All Salty Man eLiquids are infused with smooth blends of Nicotine Salts. Blend the low and high nicotine options together to "Get as Salty as You Want to Be!" High Nicotine is not for sub ohm use.

7 Pound Up Cake is a sweet and savory eliquid flavor that fuses the famous southern dish with a unique nicotine salt infused e-liquid flavoring. A smooth lemon lime ejuice inhale transforms into a thick buttery pound cake topped with the perfect amount of glazed icing, creating a sweet flavor for you.

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