Shade Vape Device 50mg Nicotine Salt


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SHADE 1.7ML Vape DEVICE 10ct/pk

The Shade Vape device is one of the best Vapes on the market. It contains 1.8ml of 5% nicotine e-juice. With all the flavors being delicious and a battery to match the long lasting , these are great quality Vape e-cigs. The Shade Vape Device requires no maintenance due to it's simple and Vape nature. 


Lightweight and Compact Design

Utilizes 1.7ml Capacity 

5% OR 50mg Nicotine

Vape Device

1 Device per package

    Shade Strawberry Banana:

    Just like its smoothie based constituent, this impeccable potion is mostly sweet in nature. Overshadowed by a hint of piquant bitterness, the mild nature of this product is destined to seduce your palate.

    Shade Blue Slushy:

    Just like 7/11’s popular slushy drink, this blend is the new quintessence of blue berry flavors coated with an addicting sweetness. Enjoy a smooth vaping sensation with every single puff.

    Shade Mojito:

    This lime endorsed goodness is the embodiment of the alcoholic beverage itself, albeit devoid of liquor. Mild in strength, you can puff on this masterpiece without worries about intoxication.

    Shade Peach Mango Watermelon:

    If you’ve decided to traverse unknown territories of flavor, this saccharine goodness is the way to go. With a tinge of freshness to wash down the sweetness, the mild bodied vaping session elicited by this product will be unforgettable.

    Shade Blu Raz:

    The blue raspberry is also known as the whitebark raspberry, a notorious goodness, which imparts mostly sweet and mildly pungent bursting flavors. Mild in nature, this blend will never overpower your senses.

    Shade Melon Craze:

    Are you crazy about all types of sweet, ripe melons? Well, this is the answer to your craziness and possibly a cure. Mild bodied in its nature, this is a flavor that is hard to overlook.

    Shade Pink Punch:

    The olden spirit of the pink lemonade is brought back to life with this blend. Endow your senses with a sweet, yet deliciously sour essence of the lemons with every single puff.

    Shade Mystery:

    Unlike other companies, Shade decided to go off the deep end. The mystery flavor is for you to decide on, and the closer you get to finishing it, the closer you’ll get to the right answer. What flavor is it?

    Shade Mango Ice:

    So, you’d like to try something sweet but wish to cool off your senses with a wintry follow up? Look no further than this masterpiece, a savory medium bodied goodness that you’ll instantly fall in love with.


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