Silver Back Eliquid 120ml


Exotic grape extract with a splash of some garden blueberries will make you crazy for the BOOBOO flavor.
Fight off the summer heat with a minty breath with this perfect blend of watermelon and strawberries in Silver Black’s JENNY flavor, this is the summer queen you were looking for!
Get a deep sensational feeling all day with the savory LOLA, bringing to you fresh strawberries blended with banana and the lavish dragon fruit extract.
Want something to satisfy your craving for banana oatmeal cookie mixed with mild strawberry and vanilla bean ice cream? This illuminating milkshake ROCKY awaits you right here.
SANDY will delight your breath with strawberries while the exhale will be fresh watermelon-like!
BooBoo: Grape, Blueberries
Jenny: Strawberries, watermelon
Lola: Strawberries, banana, dragon fruit
Rocky: Banana oatmeal cookie, strawberry, vanilla bean ice crem
Sandy: Strawberry, watermelon

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