Smok TFV12 Prince Tank


Smok TFV12 Prince Tank

Tank or atomizer is known as the heart of vape and if you are looking for a cloud beast vape tank, then look no more as TFV12 Prince Tank is here to satisfy your vaping needs to ground zero. It is the most powerful all-rounder vape tank with the high power V12 PRINCE STRIP COIL to support all type of vaping needs.

Strip Coil is made from Kanthal to release huge clouds and nic salt hits.

Innovation in heating with the porous surface for maximum absorption and fast delivery mechanism to produce an enhanced flavor taste.

SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank comes with 3 types of coils for the vape tank Quadruple coil, Sextuple coils and Decuple coils. All these different coils have unique heating capacities for the different level of vaping needs.

For example the lower the coil resistance in Ohms more vape cloud and bigger vape fog, while if you are preferring for high nicotine hits then higher ohm level will give you a much satisfying vape hit. One thing to keep in mind is that if you use bigger ohm coils then your vape eliquid or ejuice can give a burnt and faded taste.

So the new innovations in ohm levels provide the sweet spot ohm coils as sub-ohm coils such as SMOK Novo TFV12 Prince Tank. Lower nic salt mg level eliquids like 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nic salts delivers the best results with this SMOK Prince Tank atomizer tank.  With a much larger heating area of vape coils, better absorption of e-liquids can take place and provide a uniform vaping experience.

Another important factor is that if you use high ohms above 1-ohm vape coils then you might get a burnt or dusty taste of your vape liquids so with new innovations SMOK vape tank has combined the smooth vaping with smooth nicotine hits. So you can rely on TFV12 vape tanks to satisfy your nicotine cravings and vaping quality.

The combined surface tension effect with van Edward force activates aromatic compounds in the vape juice uniformly to sizzle your taste buds.

The crown-styled design and resin cobra drip tip makes it more wanting.

This kit includes three newest & carefully modulated coils: the Prince Q4, X6 and T10, all of which have huge cloud and extremely dense flavor. Convex lense can hold

It also has a newly designed crown-style body and colorful Cobra resin drip tip. Plus the glass cover convex lense endures more vaping liquid in it and it offers much larger vape juice capacity than ordinary vapes.


SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank exquisite look with 8ml eliquid vape capacity.

3 coil types in each pack give a vaping independence to all vapers.

Crown shaped vape tank.

Innovative coils for maximum vape absorption and huge vape clouds delivery.

Comes in 2 colors Silver Smok vape tank and Black Smok Vape tank.

Reasonable and cheap price market rate when buying from Ash Vape Smoke.

Each Package Includes:

1X TFV12 vape tank

1X V12 Prince Q4 pre-installed coil with 0.4ohm vape capacity

1X V12 X6 Prince coil with 0.15-ohm resistance

1X V12 T10 Prince coil with 0.12ohm resistance

1X User Manual Guide

1X Glass Cover of Vape Tank

1X Spare Parts

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