Swisher Sweets Flavored Cigarillos 2 per Pack


Swisher Sweets cigars are for those who prefer flavorful smokes. These popular machine-made cigars are produced by Swisher International, a famed company that’s been in business since 1861.
These Cigars are delicious treats that can be smoked anytime, be it for a special celebration or to unwind after work. Along with a yummy taste, these cigars also let out a pleasing aroma.
They are made from carefully selected tobacco blends that have been infused with a variety of flavors. You can choose from a variety of cigars based on both shape and flavor.
Mild, sweet cigarillos from the brand Swisher Sweets with a natural taste of tobacco. A combination of different types of tobacco was used in these cigarillos to create a delicious taste. With a total length of approx. 11 cm and a diameter of approx. 1 cm, these cigarillos are perfect for a cozy evening. They are also very handy for on the go and packed in a reclosable grip.

Swisher Sweets’ limited-edition Banana Daiquiri cigarillos offer a unique blend of the smooth sweetness of banana with a splash of rum.

Limited edition cigarillos continue to be a huge hit for Swisher International. Banana Daiquiri is the latest Swisher Sweets limited edition cigarillo that Swisher has released on April Fools Day over the past four years. Some of the other limited edition cigarillos have been Blueberry
Swisher Sweets Purple Swish is a new Special Blend cigarillo from the brand that delivers a flavorful combination of the subtle sweetness of raspberry with the classic punch of grape. Available in a resealable two-count pouch with the “Sealed Fresh” guarantee, Swisher Sweets Purple Swish cigarillos are ready for shipment

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