Three Kings Charcoal


Welcome, we’re Three Kings, the world’s leading brand when it comes to quick-light charcoal and incense. We set ourselves apart by focusing on top-quality ingredients, a professional and optimized production process and the highest level of service.

Three Kings’ Quick Light charcoal is disc-shaped and available in two sizes, measuring 33 mm or 40 mm in diameter. The tabs can be used for smoking shisha or for burning incense and ignite much quicker (what’s in a name) than other charcoal tabs on the market. This makes them highly convenient and easy to use.

The tabs are made of 100% European beech wood and are odorless. They have a smooth, long and even burn, and produce very little ash – offering a consistent quality level.


Light the tab with a lighter or match
Use a pair of tongs to place the tab in a hookah bowl or incense burner once the tab has ignited
When the tab is fully ignited, you are ready to smoke shisha or burn incense
Make sure to store the charcoal tabs in a dry place.

33 mm or 40 mm
33 mm: 20 – 30 minutes
40 mm: 50 – 60 minutes
Scent: odorless
Shape: discs