Twist Salt Vape Juice 15ml


TWST E-Liquid and Twist Salt are today's Best Sellers and Award-Winning E-Liquids that provide unique vaping experience to vapers. The Global recognition of these unique vape juices have stirred the popularity of their nicotine salts and e-liquids. The most loved and vaped flavors of Twist and the bestsellers around the globe have been primarily 2 Flavots that is Pink No. 1 (formerly known as Pink Punch Lemonade) and Green No. 1 (formerly known as HoneyDew Melon Chew).

Twist nicotine salts are pioneers in sub-ohm vape juices. They provide a unique combination of flavors and nicotine hits to the vapers. Their sales have grown quite tremendously owing to the fact of their great taste and satisfying cravings. If you are looking to a smoking alternative that gives you enhanced satisfaction than Twist Nicotine Salt 30ml is an optimum choice.

This E-Liquid Nicotine Salt comes in a variety of flavors that makes it unique, so you can choose from a number of flavors according to your taste and you can always jump to another flavor for change.


Twist E-liquid Nicotine Salt comes in 2 variants mainly

Twist E-liquid Nicotine Salt 35mg

Twist E-liquid Nicotine Salt 50mg

Both deliver excellent vape cloud and flavor Specifically designed and manufactured to  give an enhanced flavor and nicotine cravings to the users.


Each bottle comes in 30ML of e-liquid capacity that last longer as small quantities of Nicotine Salts are used for vaping.



Arctic Cool Mint is a refreshing Twist Nicotine Salt Flavor that delivers perfect vape cloud and satisfaction. It comes in 35mg and 50mg of different nic salt capacities. An aspiring flavor for those who want to refresh their mind and breath both.


Green No 1 or formerly known as Honeydew Melon Chew is on the most loved Nicotine Salt E-liquid offered by Twist. The unique combo of fruity flavors makes the taste sweet-tart apple flavor dissolved in sweet honeydew and melon. It is the Best Seller variant in Twist and also comes in 35mg and 50mg. 


Iced Pink Punch flavor tastes sweet, bubbly, gummy and refreshing mint. Combo flavors deliver your favorite tastes in a single hit. Enjoy mint gum flavor that comes in 2 variants that is 35mg and 50mg. Get your hands on to enjoy long-lasting vaping experience.


Iced Pucker Punch is another tremendous delicious nicotine salt flavor that delivers satisfaction and flavor of gum and slight tart flavor that adds value to your daily vaping. A sweet-tart punch flavor that comes in 35mg and 50mg nic salt variants.


Iced Watermelon Madness is refreshing melon mint flavor that brings cool watermelon taste to your buds along with perfect nicotine hits. Mesmerizing flavor for your vaping experience.


Who does not love lemonade right? This is the best seller and award-winning unique flavor that brings the delicious lemonade flavor to reality in vaping. A perfect throat hit and Pink No 1 reviewed as the best Twist Nicotine Salt flavor that leaves the vapers in love with the flavor. It also comes in 35mg and 50mg respectively. Get yours according to your daily nicotine requirements to enjoy a healthy lifestyle free from tobacco smoking.


Strawberry Crush Ice is a refreshing strawberry flavor made to ignite satisfaction in vapers with delicious strawberry flavor and a cool minty breeze. Unlike cigarette smoking it does not leave you with bad breath, instead, it gives a refreshing breath and soothing satisfaction with 2 nic salt variants that are 35mg and 50mg. Get yours to enjoy unlimited excitement and satisfaction.


Watermelon Madness by Twist Nicotine Salt is another unique flavor that delivers mouth watery watermelon exploded flavor. Also gives instant nicotine hit and unique vaping experience to the vapers. Perfect for those looking for a fruity alternative to ordinary cigarette smoking. This also comes in 35mg and 50mg variants.


Mango Cream Dream is a creamy mango flavor nicotine salt delivering mouth-filling creamy taste blended with sweet mango flavor.  Loved by the vaping community and reviewed as the most satisfying nicotine salt that gave combo of taste and nicotine hit. This soothing flavor by Twist Nicotine Salt comes in 35mg and 50mg nic salt variants.


1X selected flavor of Twist Nicotine Salt 30ml in selected Nic Salt Level

WARNING:- This product can expose you to nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. This product is not recommended for pregnant women or people with cardiovascular issues. Always ensure that any E-Juice is kept out of reach from children and pets. For more information, go to 



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