Whip It Blaze Torch


Whip It Blaze Torch

When it comes to blazing herbs, there is a need for uniform high-temperature burner flame. Also, you need a lighter all the time. Why not buy a burner with extra capacity? The pocket-sized burners are always running out of gas. So a lighter torch with huge capacity is preferred for longterm use. With ergonomic design and output efficiency, this is the best handheld Blaze Torch. Versatility combined with power blends a unique combination to give extra support for your vaporizers and as a general domestic use blaze torch high flame lighter.


Strong output flame

Extra-wide nozzle

Portable hand-held

Stand Shape Design for placing on tables or shelves easily

Tigh gripping around hand

High Volume Storage and Long Lasting without tear offs from ends as conventional pocket torches do

Lightweight and minimalist design

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Each Package Includes:

1X Whip It Blaze Torch