Whip It Edge Torch


Whip It Edge Torch

Whip It Edge Toch is another addition to the Whip It blazers, torches and lighter. Its exquisite exterior gives an embellishing look and reflects with a sense of modernity while holding it. Made with high-quality material and strong grip. Easy to use anywhere with higher capacity liquid gas storage makes it durable and long-lasting blazer for domestic and commercial usage purposes. Fits into a variety of usages from creating exotic culinary choices to plumbing and automotive preparing, Uniform and strong heat lighter is a must-have item.


  • Unique, lightweight curved design built with a wind-resistant ignited flame
  • Big push-button ignition for perfect gripping and easy handling
  • Vented hood for optimal output and heating capacity.
  • Refillable torch for lifetime usage, fill it again and use it.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty as it is made with the best material, no deformity over time.
  • Piezoelectric Ignition system, no need for batteries anymore.
  • Wind resistant flame perfect for outdoor usage like boating, hiking, fishing, you can use it anywhere, endures harsh weather conditions and works just fine.
  • Built with a huge fuel tank for prolonged ignition.
  • Best table top lighter for universal heating and flaming purposes.
  • Push-button ignition technology for easy use.
  • Strong weighted base for an upright standing position at all time.
  • Curvy exterior with shiny steel matte color nozzle and base of the lighter.
  • Controlled flame thrower and easily adjustable button on the side.


Black Chrome
Rose Gold


1X Whip It Edge Torch