Whip It Ion Lite Torch


Whip It Ion Lite Torch

Automatic Light Torch with electric ignition and the high-performance flame will keep your ignitions uniform for herbs burning or for using with vaporizers. It is a Lite version of Whip It blazer torch Ion Lite comes in catchy yellow color. It is liked by customers due to compact size and lightweight. A perfect home accessory blazer torch for keeping your heating needs in place. It is a perfect travel accessory and can be used both indoors and for outdoor adventures. If you are looking for torch lighter near me then this is the best butane torch lighter to match your needs. It has a stylish modern look Whit It and Blaze It

Piezoelectric Ignition System

Strong grip

Flame Adjustment blazer torch

Refillable Lighter Torch and long term usage

Lightweight with portable size

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Each Package Includes:

1X Whip It Ion Lite Torch