Whip It ION Torch


Whip It ION Torch

ION Torch is a new generation high flame blazer or lighter usually used as a tabletop or kitchen torch for uniform high-temperature burning, best for making exotic culinary choices. A must-have Blazing Lighter used for universal purposes. Whip-it brand is popular for its high quality and long-lasting accessories. Unlike conventional lighters, it is built to endure high temperatures without any shape deformity.

ION Torch can be used for any purpose and some of the other uses include,

Heating Cooking Browning Slurpee making and for numerous cuisines ION torch is a perfect choice.
Electrical and Mechanical Repairing with its accurate high nozzle flame thrower,
in Plumbing for instant heat moulding,
in Automotive workshops for repairing and reshaping plastic parts,
in medical and dental practices and labs,
for camping and BBQ as its uniform flame cooks raw meat perfectly,
in jewellery repair shops for instant heating of parts and repairing them,
many other usages, almost work in every situation.


Waterproof and Stress start Piezoelectronic Ignition System
Low to Higher flame temperature up to 2500°F, 1350°C
Continuous burning – 90 minutes of burning time for mid flame settings.
Adjustable flame and temperature control system
A hands-free lever for prolonged burning
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Ergonomic Design easy start strong flame-throwing capacity lighter torch


All Black
All Blue
All Pink
All Red
Red Rubberized
Black and White
Blue and White
Green and white
Black and Yellow (Original)

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