Yocan - Evolve Plus Coil 5 count


Yocan - Evolve Plus Coil 5 count

Yocan Evolve Plus is another revolutionizing vaporizer for aromatherapy, dabbing and concentrate vaping device. The coils used in Evolve Plus are made with the purpose of giving pure vaping experience. These coils do not burn your concentrates, these coils heat the concentrates without burning the ingredients to give a unique and pure vaping experience to the users.

There are 2 types of coils that are offered by YOCAN Evolve Plus

Quartz Dual Coil

Made with the finest quartz crystals, offers high temperature for your concentrates especially dabs to heat at a relatively higher temperature and make every particle of dabbing content aromatized with the heating capacity. This comes in a packet of 5 coils, and each coil lasts for a long time as quartz crystals do not corrode and offer pure resistance to the concentrates without making it stick to the coils. Its high temperature produces a creamy fog cloud and a clean hit to satisfy your vaping needs. It is usually preferred for robust and instant vaping as it heats up the substances in not time.

Ceramic Donuts

Ceramic Donuts coil type for Evolve Plus Vaporizer offers uniform heating for the whole concentrates, first it liquifies the concentrates and then turns it into vapors, It is preferred for long term vaping sessions as it keeps the concentrates at a higher temperature for relatively a higher period of time. Ceramic Donut coils take time to heat up but once it reaches the required heating temperature, it remains there for a long time.

Both of these coils work offers optimum performance as Yocan is an industry-leading vaporizer company so these are made with after in-depth research and feedback from various trials before making the final shape of the coil


Yocan Evolve Plus Coils are designed with an exclusive shiny steel exterior and signifies an elite vaporizer to satisfy your demands. Durable and indestructible materials are used to make the latest version of coils. You can enjoy every puff of it with style.

Compatible With

These coils are compatible only with Yocan Evolve Plus Vape Pen

Each Box Contains

5x Replacement Coils

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