Yocan Magneto Coils and Coil Caps


Yocan Magneto Coils and Coil Caps

Magneto coils and coil caps come in a packet of 5 Replacement coils box which is compatible for Magneto Vape Pen. A modern approach in making vaping easier for vapers and offers elite quality vaping coils for maximum vapor and hit production. Made with the most advanced coil system to offer perfect taste delivery and strong hit without burning off the contents.


  • The coil comes with the cap, which has an inbuilt dab tool. The dabbing tool helps in scooping the dab before vaping it.
  • Scooping dab gives users the maximum hit from each puff as compared to conventional coils,
  • Works in 2 stage first the ceramic coils will melt the concentrates or wax and then these are atomized for strong vapor production to enhance the productivity of the coils.
  • Ceramic coils are used for keeping the originality intact of the concentrates or waxes without burning its essence.
  • Creates a perfect heating system for burning the contents without having and over-heating side effects.
  • Long-lasting coils with caps and each coil have an enhanced lifetime depending upon the usage.
  • These Magneto Coils are compatible With Yocan Magneto Vape Pen
  • Stainless steel exterior, modern styled coils.


5x Replacement Coils and Caps
1x Gift Box

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